Bobbin Bikes

Bobbin Bikes

At Bobbin, we talk about recapturing the magic and excitement of our first bike ride.

We named our first Bobbin bike ‘Birdie’. Like first flight, it symbolizes the start of a journey: to the end of the street and eventually beyond, out into the world, where untold adventures await.

We like to think of our bikes as sidekicks to their owners. They bring not only reliability, but joy and spontaneity to daily life.

Simple design features such as mudguards, racks and chainguards help riders jump and go without hesitation. This sense of freedom and flight is unique to cycling and makes us interact with the landscape in subtle and surprising ways. A simple journey can transform into an adventure if you take an unfamiliar route, duck down an alley, or simply breathe in the changing landscape as it rolls past you.

…Or you could just pop to the shop for some groceries.

Either way, once the magic of riding your bike takes hold, the idea of walking, driving, or being squashed onto a bus starts to feel impossibly dull.

Our Bobbin World is populated with bikes for different people: upright and practical, feminine and graceful, handsome, sturdy or cute. Whoever the owner, we strive to make that elusive and mystical bicycle of their daydreams, storybooks, birthdays and Christmas’ past.

A bike they will love, that will transform their life.

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