Hire Bike Fleet

Whats the best way to explore Southampton…

…by bike!


Our hire bike fleet offers a best-of-both-worlds combination of road bike speed and city bike comfort. If your in town for the day and need to get around or visiting for the weekend and want to explore; our Trek FX 2’s will take you wherever you want to go!

To avoid disappointment we would always advise calling to reserve your bikes as we can be prebooked for several weeks in advance – we simply need the height of the rider and an hour notice to prep the bike for adventure!


For just £20 a day you get:

1. One of our Trek FX 2’s

2. Full wrap around mudguards

3. Gold secure D-Lock and cable

4. Hand pump and spare tube

5. Tyre levers and saddle bag to keep everything in!

Here are some important things to remember…

  • Please make sure you bring along some Photo ID (passport or driving licence) as security.
  • Card payments are accepted.
  • Under 17 year olds can ride unsupervised but will need an Adults ID as deposit.
  • All bikes are to be returned by 5:00pm each day.
  • You are liable for any damages to, and caused by the bike whilst it is in you possession.