Circe Cycles

Circe Cycles

Circe Cycles was established in 2007 and was founded on the belief that cycling can be fun, functional and all inclusive. We all believe in what we do, and more importantly are all users of our products. Based in Cambridge we get to see a wide gamut of cycling usage, perhaps it’s a snapshot of where more cities will be in the future, we sure hope so!

With two main bike chassis and a host of various sizes, custom builds, spec lists and accessories – chances are there’s a Circe Bike for you!

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Transporting ‘stuff’ is part of our daily lives. Being able to transport it by bike extends the function of the humble bicycle, and provides you with a healthier and, often, more convenient and quicker way to get cargo from A to B!
Sharing the joy of cycling with your family is not always easy, children ride at varying speeds, their road sense limits where you can take them and, the dreaded, ‘I can’t go any further’, when you’re miles from home can put even the most hardened parent off. With a tandem these obstacles are removed, you can progress at a sensible pace, thus undertaking longer journeys. Meanwhile, the child still benefits from the physical exertion and the sense of adventure cycling provides, and you can get to where you want to go. Perfect family harmony!
Much scientific research supports the benefits of regular exercise, particularly the low impact, cardio vascular approaches like cycling. Such benefits are typically physical, but can be mental and even spiritual. Unfortunately, many disabilities make exercising difficult, but riding a tandem, where someone else is responsible for balance and control, can be practicable, offering the physiological benefits of exercise and the simple pleasure of ‘getting some fresh air’ in good company.
Keeping fit and healthy has never seemed so important, our daily lives tend to be more sedentary than they were a few decades ago. Being able to get out and enjoy exercise with someone, even if your fitness levels are vastly different, is something that a tandem can provide.
They say it’s all about the Journey. Well, there are few better ways to enjoy the journey than by bike! Our tandems provide a great platform for long day rides or multi-day, self-supported tours. Being able to share the joy of the journey, just makes it all the more special.
Cycling is our favoured mode of transport, but sometimes time and distance constraints require the use of alternative methods of transport. We appreciated this need and design products that are both manageable and easy to transport and store.