Gravel Adventure GX


Our GX bikes are versatility defined. On-road, off-road or both in the same ride, our uniquely capable and efficiently fast Adventure bikes set a new standard for all day, all-rounders.

Our SCR technology and its accompanying Whyte geometry make these GX bikes different to the competition. We have shortened the rear stays and increased the front centre, improving stability and control off road. A longer top tube and shorter stem put the rider in a familiar position and the wide 500mm bar makes the bike feel more like a modern XC bike than a traditional CX/Road bike.

The SRAM full Hydraulic brakes give a fantastic position for a rider on the hoods and with one finger braking there is no need to use the drops to keep control.

The added advantage of this hood position is that the riders weight can be moved backwards to unweight the front of the bike and produce enough weight over the back wheel for the rear brake to have some bite. Of course, the drop bars are not redundant, they give you an excellent position riding into that biting head wind on a winter training ride.

The many advantages of disc brakes include the lack of heat in the rim and therefore the tyre – making running tubeless easy and an excellent choice. For that reason, we have specified large air volume 700 x 42c Tubeless ready tyres and rims. These frames can run the new generation of 650b Plus wheel/tyre combinations and with disc brakes – it’s just a case of switching them over. Mudguard and rack mounts feature on both models and on the Gisburn there is a light-weight, saddle-nose operated KS dropper giving the rider the ability to tackle descents in a more controlled way.

Many mountain bikers feel instantly at home on these bikes as their ride position is similar to an old-school MTB – but with the added bonus of modern geometry and brakes that actually work.