Sports Road Commuter RD7


Our ultra-versatile, freedom breeding road machines are cleaner, leaner and even more capable than their multi-award-winning predecessors. Lightweight multi butted alloy frames with the latest flat mount or post brake fittings mean they look and ride like true thoroughbreds on a weekend. Our sealed, sweet shifting and easily serviced BBX control lines mean a weekday workhorse life won’t affect ride quality either.

We’ve chosen ideal ride complimenting components such as the latest high volume, high performance Schwalbe G-One tyres with disc brakes and Shimano shifting for easy speed and all-weather safety. Our bikes get a wide range cassette for cramp-free climbing and our Compact Fit bike gets a smaller chainset to match.

After all, if you’re going to enjoy every ride, wherever it takes you, it’s often the smallest details that matter the most.

“A fantastic all-round package. This is the definition of a versatile bike.” BikesEtc

“The ride delivers exactly what it’s designed to and will get you grinning with cornering and downhill flair that puts some pure race bikes to shame” Dorset – BikesEtc

“If you want a bike for getting from A to B quickly all year round, and that can cope with whatever the British roads and weather can throw at it this could be for you” Dorset –