– Treat your bike to a service in our fully equipped workshop –

We have 3 main servicing options but are more than happy to create a service that suits you, your bike and budget. If you have any queries regarding servicing work, give us a call or drop down with your bike and chat to one of the team!


prices effective 14.10.2019


front and rear gear adjust

front and rear brake adjust

minor wheel truing

bearings adjusted

tyre pressure checked and corrected

all nuts and bolts checked and torqued

derailleurs, cables and chain lubricated

wash/clean/tidy up


thorough wash of wheels, frame

degrease chain/cassette/chain set and derailleurs

head set service

bottom bracket service

comprehensive wheel truing

front and rear gear service

front and rear brake service

all bearings adjusted

all nuts and bolts checked and torqued

tyre pressure checked and corrected

derailleurs/chain and cables lubricated


bike is stripped to the frame and washed

all components thoroughly cleaned and serviced

wheels cleaned and trued

hubs cleaned, serviced and rebuilt

bike is rebuilt from scratch – all components re-installed

gears, brakes, headset, bottom bracket extensively tuned and service

test ride

final checks

wax and polish.

*all workshop repairs are backed by a 30day guarantee*

**surcharges applying for the fitting of supplied parts**


Tube replacement – £15.00 (including tube)

Tubeless set up – £25.00 (including tape and sealant)

Spoke and True – £20.00 (up to 3 standard spokes)

Wheel Build – £40.00

Hub service – £20.00

Brake service (non disc) – £15.00

Brake service (disc) – £25.00

Gear service – £25.00

Headset service – £20.00

Bottom bracket service – £30.00

Di2 Update – £25.00

Etap Update – £25.00

Bosch diagnostic – £25.00

Shimano steps diagnostic – £25.00

Minimum labour charge – £10.00

Hourly rate – £30.00